KINTEX Parking
KINTEX Parking
Section Parking Rate
Standard (30 min) Every additional 10 minutes Daily Rate
General Rate Passenger Cars and Vans Lorries (under 2.5 ton) KRW 1,500 KRW 500 KRW 12,000
Lorries (2.5 ton or over), Bus ( 25 seater or larger) KRW 3,000 KRW 1,000 KRW 24,000
General Rate(Unloading dock) Passenger Cars, Vans Lorries (All) KRW 1,500 KRW 500 KRW 12,000
Bus (25 seater or larger) KRW 3,000 KRW 1,000 KRW 24,000
Discount or No Charge Vehicles of Disabled Persons, Vehicles of Persons of Merit(Compact / Electronic / Hybrid Cars) 50% off
Vehicles of Exhibitors Vehicles of Related Businesses (When parking for 3 days or more) Passenger Cars, Vans, Small-size Lorries : KRW 6,000/day Large-size Lorries, Bus : KRW 12,000 /day
Vehicles Accessing Unloading Dock(Exhibition and Event Vehicles) Free for two hours a day
팭or unloading dock use only
No duplicate discounts are allowed. A 30-min parking grace time applies when using the free collection machine in the lobby. Parking fees will not be charged for the first 20 minutes of the parking. After 20 minutes has expired, a 40 minute standard fee will be charged.

Person in Charge

KINTEX 1 Parking Office Tel:031-995-8265 KINTEX 2 Parking Office Tel:031-995-7265

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